June 1- The start.

I’m very excited to finally introduce to you the Summer project! This blog will be the place to read up about it and follow for all the products that come out of these few months!

Honestly, all this is about, is dark circles. 

Is It Still Recreational?  

Rollofall 2014


Anonymous asked:

y would you spend money going to art school?



You do realize that everything you wear, look at, sit on, hear, and touch was created by the input of a creative professional? We create literally everything around you. It starts at us. Artists and designers literally frame the future. 

We aren’t idiots. It’s a misconception that art students get it easy. We no free time, we have due dates, critiques, we research. Art is not only about the solid form of what we created but also the concept. We are strengthening our minds in a way that you are not. Everyday we are discussing, questioning, and analyzing complex and contradictory ideas. 

We have discipline and focus. We learn values like resourcefulness, how to take criticism, how to give criticism, individualism, and how to prioritize. Also arts alumni end up generally more happy and content with their lives and almost always employed. 

So instead of calling you an ignorant middle butt, I’m just gonna be satisfied with the fact that 20 yrs from now (maybe less), while you are a sad ass forgettable pencil pusher in a cubicle in the ass crack of nowhere, I’ll be living my life exactly as I want it to be and happy. 

Tink and Hook. Rollofall 14

art school

Victim..No More. In November, 11 months after I was sexually assaulted, I finally received a letter from the court, explaining that there was not enough evidence to put my offender on trial. I could choose to be compensated as a victim. All I wanted was for it all to stop. I was done playing the victim and once I stopped identifying as one, I could see the beautiful serendipity that comes out some of the hardest pain. 4ft x 4ft; 36” x 36” Oil Paintings

Still is Right

came out when I was becoming frustrated with the repetitive exercises of painting. I felt like I was wasting time creating meaningless decorative pieces that did not imitate life in any way. At the time I was inspired by Wayne White’s re contextualized humorous paintings of text on thrift store paintings. Hating my paintings so much, I figured I had nothing to lose and turned them into a prank that at least made me feel rebelling and free.