Tink and Hook. Rollofall 14

art school

Victim..No More. In November, 11 months after I was sexually assaulted, I finally received a letter from the court, explaining that there was not enough evidence to put my offender on trial. I could choose to be compensated as a victim. All I wanted was for it all to stop. I was done playing the victim and once I stopped identifying as one, I could see the beautiful serendipity that comes out some of the hardest pain. 4ft x 4ft; 36” x 36” Oil Paintings

Still is Right

came out when I was becoming frustrated with the repetitive exercises of painting. I felt like I was wasting time creating meaningless decorative pieces that did not imitate life in any way. At the time I was inspired by Wayne White’s re contextualized humorous paintings of text on thrift store paintings. Hating my paintings so much, I figured I had nothing to lose and turned them into a prank that at least made me feel rebelling and free.



Can’t hide the child inside

Kids dont need a real field or even a proper ball to give their all. To them it’s very real.